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About Johnson
The inputs that shape my outputs. Welcome – if you’re reading this I suspect you’re looking to see what informs my point of view.

Professionally, I am an old tech working for a web hosting company, where I manage a group of super-smart Linux and Windows System Adminstrators focused upon UK and European customers. I also like to focus on business cases. Business cases meaning, for any proposition what are the costs and benefits? What are the operational impacts? What are the risks involved to customers, employees, and security? A sound business case will uncover 95% of the unknowns for any proposition – so you can prepare and deal with the remaining unknown outcomes as they arise. In short: if we do x, we will get y.

Is the view worth the climb?

On a personal level I take great pleasure in investigating the post-modern digital swish. That is to say, in this rapidly changing world, I look for forces driving change in our societies.  We’re in new territory here folks. Many of the old maxims and structures have lost agency … the old power brokers are beginning to lose their grip on hegemony. Now is the time for the bold and the agile. For good or ill.

My great grandfather once said. “If you’re tired of pulling bodies from the river, you got to go upstream and figure out who’s throwing them in.”

I also like to peak behind the curtain and explore the elements of power. We are all impacted by Power: Legal, Political, Energy, Force, and Communicative. Of  these  forms, Communication as Power is often the form most interesting to me: The new web can drive great change; it's the most accessible, and perhaps the most democratic. How people view the world, the stories they hold sacred, the things we hold in common, are all bound together by communication. Stories from one generation to the next, our old mythologies, and the new ones taking shape - all are driven by common understandings and new aspirations of what is possible.

Many thinkers understand that we are undergoing changes that rival the industrial revolution. At this very moment. Whenever there is a phenomenal change in how we communicate, there is always a corresponding change in how society is structured. This maxim holds true in all applications.

In this blog I typically examine how power is reshaping our institutions, organizations, businesses, and how society is structured. Topics range from family, kids, politics, to media, to energy, cloud/utility computing, & other artifacts discovered along the way. I do hope it adds some value to your thinking – reject it, consider it, or add to it. Get in the game. Now is the time to add to the mix of how the world is described and understood.

Communication not only describes reality. It creates the reality it describes.


Brian Johnson