The election of Democrat Barack Obama to the US Presidency this week could positively influence the future of cloud computing, according to one industry analyst.

Krishnan Subramanian, lead writer at cloud computing blog CloudAve.com, states that if Obama was to implement his technology proposals as stated in his campaign, it could do much to pave the way for further success in the managed hosting field in the coming years.

For example, one of Obama's main technology goals is protecting the openness of the internet, showing he is essentially in favour of net neutrality. This bodes well for cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) in respect to encouraging competition and ensuring development from a range of vendors.

Many businesses worry about security and privacy concerns when considering cloud computing options. Obama's pledge to safeguard privacy could also help these companies overcome these reservations in the knowledge that the federal government will protect their data.

What's more, the Democrat's promise to extend next generation broadband capabilities to all Americans is likely to mean an increase in demand for cloud computing solutions and other managed hosting options, like virtualisation.

Subramanian even suggests that the US government might adopt cloud computing to provide the public with more transparent records and that using a healthcare SaaS system could revolutionise the system, as patient data could be accessed from anywhere.

Ultimately, one of Obama's most popular pledges on technology has been that he will encourage climate friendly energy development. This is likely to stimulate a further desire to increase the green credentials of data centres and drive costs down.

Many companies are already on this path - for instance, Google recently declared that its data centres were the world's most efficient. However, with support from the Obama administration, this trend - and all the others stated above - could receive crucial momentum.