Voter Registration

I am compelled to repost these thoughts from the 2008 Presidential Election. I've registered several 1000's of voters in my lifetime. And I never did it for money. I did it because I believed in people and open ended democracy. Even more so today, I remain committed to ideals and concepts that are often bigger than the individual self.
-- Brian 


I always had faith in the idea that filling the ballot box was the best way to change courses. It's hard work. It's non-violent force of collective wills.  The beauty of America is a our ability to change directions; not locked down by the baggage of history, and the trajectory of that history. Our society has a built in mechanism of change. We are not forced to keep living the errors and mistakes of the yesterday's decisions. We avoid anachronistic systems, we avoid extinction ... we change, adapt, and improve. Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis.  Rinse, repeat.