How Not to Use Twitter if You Own a Business

An example of how never to use Twitter and how never to use Twitter if you have a business period.

Alright. You own a business, and you think to yourself, "this Social Media thing has legs ... it looks promising. I got to get on the Twitters and the Facebooks to reach my audience." So you do your homework and figure out what your business presence is going to be. You define your company point of view, the voice you'll write in, 4 or 5 topics you'll always write about (1 being your business) - man you got this brand thing down! Blah blah blah ...

This blog forks here.

I make no claim to be the oh so common "social media expert". I'm just a guy working at a hosting company. Simple. I also like using Twitter to connect with information flows and thoughts from my neighborhood and the world.

Last week I began to see a firestorm of tweets coming from peeps in the UK where they were attacking and defending against some Twitterer named @blankstudent.  After taking a look at the twitstreams, it became clear that the BlankStudent was 5 kinds of mean and dumb at the same time. I mean flat-out stupefyingly ugly. Check them out yourself at several 100 consecutive tweets starting Aug 2 - 6.  Be careful, the fella is a mean dog. Like old Yeller when he got rabies, approach him with caution. He's certainly a bad egg, and with Twitter and social media word gets around.

Here's few PG13 tweets out of 100+ from blankstudent >>> mind-numbingly derogatory towards women. It goes down hill, way down hill:

@juliansimpson washing up, ironing, and shopping can you tell me anything else enlighten me

to this ....

@Nagem986 now go get me a coffee and be quicker take the heels off32 minutes ago

and then

@eBeth You have nothing but cleaning to do your life is so easy pole and brush. Now go and get me some food.


Oh, and he has a business. Good luck with that pal. Here's a link to his terms of service. Violates the terms of use he requires his customers to follow. What a genius.

If you have a business and you want to spew hate well ... as we say in Texas bless your heart (you're a moron).

Last point: Never argue with an idiot. He'll bring you down to his level and win because he's got more experience.


If you roll in the mud with pigs - you're gonna get dirty.

Friends forgive me for getting down into the dirt this time; I just want to ensure that you avoid this particular swine.

sin duda - Juanhijo