Communication as Power

An observation from Desmond Tutu: "Language not only describes reality, Language creates the reality it describes."

Language is powerful. Communication is a human arrow in the quiver of power. The communication of the meaning of a reality is a powerful act. I think Marshall McLuhan had it right, the way one communicates is as important as what he communicates. How people receive information is as important as the information they receive.The medium is the message.

How does technology, web 2.0, and the cloud impact and accelerate the communication of reality, identity, culture, nationalism? What is the impact of "many to many" communication upon "one-to-one" and "one-to-many" communication? It too soon to tell the final results of how the web transforms the ways people learn, communicate, and define reality, and ultimately create meaning.

The typographic mind is fading. The story telling tribal mind is challenged. Is the group think dying? Today, the birth and death and new creation of realities is growing exponentially; Expanding and splintering at the same moment.

What holds true is this: Shared experience remains key to humanness.

Socratic method is dying. We once gathered around campfires; Jesus used parables, and so it goes...